ceturtdiena, 2015. gada 5. februāris

GROW and DO bigger things_2015

Aim 2015: Promote involvement in formation policy-making in all community target group. Continue society education and motivation in life quality raising in Izvaltas parish and Krāslavas region in general.  Base association activity on gained recommendations from conference/forum and develop association activity program for 2016-2020.

Activities in 2015:
* Capacity raising, volunteers training (one training program, at least 15 trained volunteers).
* Conference/forum (Will be developed new association program of activities for 2016-2020, based on recommendations obtained in conference: at least 40 participants).
* Additional funding involvement for association aims implementation (One enterprise/cooperation contract).
* Publicity ( Local newspaper or region website two publications or informative article; at least four news associations website; posters and leaflets)
The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State.
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Association „EVOLUTION” responsible for the content of information.